Sample DMC Judging form – Instrumental

This is a sample judging form alternative for District Music Contest.  It is in very rough form but you get the idea.  The proposal would be to use a decimal system to fine tune the scoring a little.  Also, judging sections are very specific on this form instead of all over the place on the old ones.  Open link at bottom of page to see score sheet.

Tone Qualtiy – Consider: Beauty, blend, breath and bow control with maturely consistent concept

Intonation – Consider: Individual, Section, and Full Ensemble tonality awareness, pitch center on unisons/intervals/chords

Note Accuracy – Consider: Technique, fluency and/or mechanical skill producing accurate notes

Rhythmic Accuracy – Consider: Accuracy of note values, rest values, duration, pulse, steadiness, and correctness of meters

Facility – Consider: Ease of performing bowings, fingerings, positions, shifts, articulations, phrasing, and dexterity

Dynamics – Consider: Range of dynamic contrast appropriate to selection

Balance and Blend – Consider: Accompanying Parts, Chord Balance, Section and/or Ensemble Blend

Interpretation and Musicianship – Consider: Style, Phrasing, Tempo, and Musical Expression

Other Factors – Consider: Stage Presence, Poise, Posture, and Concert Decorum


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