Thanks North Star High School!

I had a most amazing day today working with the North Star Choreographed Choir and the Concert Choir and Kirk Brown, their director.  The “choreographed choir” was working on Zegree’s “Blue Skies” which of course is right up my alley.  Worked on some swing style techniques and on how to take the fear out of improvisation.  My thing!

Also had the chance to work with the concert choir on tone quality and how to set up their choir to be special this year!

  1.  Don’t breath every two measures.  The whole world breathes every two measures.
  2.  Tell the truth; Cause a disturbance; Make a difference
  3.  Students: Strive individually for perfection every day.  Your personal effort, along with everyone else’s will be everything to having a great ensemble this year!
  4. Choose to be an amazing singer and person.

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