Brianna’s Farewell Song to Students

Brianna Rerucha sings a song she wrote to her students at her last concert at Shelby Rising City.  “There is value in your life, there is purpose in your life, and you are loved!”  Amazing young lady who resigned to be a full time mommy in the fall.

A personal note….I was just sitting here thinking about music’s ability to reach people. If she had just told them in a speech to be kind, that there’s power in your words, to be a person of honesty, etc., they probably would have forgotten soon. Everyone tells them that. They will be telling their grandchildren about that day their 1 year music teacher sang them a goodbye song and how it affected their lives for good. Do you see the attention on most faces? What you can’t see from this video is a little D.S. girl who was sang the loudest at every concert all year long as well as in the musical crying throughout the song. It was an amazing moment for all of us there. Thank you Brianna for what you brought to Shelby and Rising City, and for what you bring to the world. God bless you in your next adventure as a mother.  I would rather have music than anything this world can afford.

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